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Special Events

Special Events

November 6th, 7th, AND Friday The 13th!


Back by popular demand, Flashlight Fright Nights!

Friday, November 6th, AND Saturday November 7th

AND November Friday Th 13th!



After the Halloween season closes, the lights go out and a completely different, even more terrifying show comes to life as the haunted house goes completely pitch dark!


You and your group will be given a few dimly lit LED finger lights to explore the dark passages of The 13th Gate. During the Halloween season, the haunted house is known for it's highly detailed sets and amazing lighting effects, but, during Flashlight Fright Nights, everything changes, and a completely different show emerges, one that you and your group can explore at your own peril pace.

During the event, there continues to be a full cast of Monsters roaming the dark!


Not for the Faint of Heart!