----Midnight Productions Presents----

----Midnight Productions Presents----

Necropolis 13


Necropolis 13 is unlike any Haunted Attraction ever created. Imagine walking through a haunted New Orleans-style Cemetery (meaning crumbling stone & mortar above ground crypts) in the dead of the night. The cemetery takes up an entire city block and is a labyrinth of over 400 dark crypts for you to explore, all the while avoiding the multitudes of the living dead freshly awakened by Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Lord of the Dead. To enter  the cemetery you must first descend 13 steps down into an open grave deep into dark underground catacombs. From there it's a half-mile terror-filled trek to the exit.


Necropolis 13 is located next to the box office across the street from The 13th Gate. Save $10 when you purchase a combo tickets to both events.


Voodoo Fire Show every Friday & Saturday nights at 8pm.






Imagine that you are lost
In a dark labyrinth of a New Orleans Cemetery
In the dead of the night
Standing among hundreds of crumbling tombs
Not knowing which way to turn
Listening to the wind howl
And the sound of something scratching
Just under the earth
Just under your feet
Trying desperately to get to you…



40,000 Sq Ft and over 400 Zombie-Infested New Orleans-Style Crypts located next to The 13th Gate!



Imagine that you are standing in a vast graveyard

Surrounded by candlelit tombstones

Wondering why there is so much blood on the ground

You hear the sound of a drum (or maybe a heartbeat) 

Just under the large cross in the center of the graveyard

Faint whispers on the wind touch your ear

You strain to understand the old French accent

About Voodoo

And the Dead

And a Sacrifice…



With its extreme level of detail and a storyline rooted firmly in Louisiana’s dark history of Voodoo, this event is sure to be one of the most unique Haunted Attractions ever created!




Imagine you are standing in front of an open grave

Your grave

Then you step down

And down

And down

Into an abyss of Catacombs

Where the walls echo with ominous chants

Where the ancient ones slumber

Where they are waiting for you.




Explore dark underground passages!




No need to imagine, this attraction is real.

Not recommended for the very young or the faint of heart.

Additional courage may be needed to enter.



Necropolis 13!


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