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The 13th Gate is located at 832 Saint Philip Street, downtown Baton Rouge in the old Steinberg's Sporting Goods building. It is almost under the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge, next to the Belle Casino and Pasttime Restaurant.

From I-10 East: Take exit 155C toward Louise Street (0.2 mi). Merge onto Mccalop Street (0.2 mi). Turn Left at Terrace Street (0.6 mi). Turn right at La-30 Nicholson Drive. Continue to follow LA-30 N (0.4 mi). Turn Left at Europe Street (269 ft) Turn left at St. Philip Street (492 ft). Arrive at the 13th Gate Haunted House.

From I-10 West: Immediately past the I-10 bridge take exit 155A for Nicholson Dr/LA 30 on Right (0.3 mi). Stay right and merge onto LA-30 Nicholson Drive towards Downtown (0.4 mi). Turn left at South Blvd (1 block). Arrive at 13th Gate Haunted House.




Midnight Productions does not own any parking lots and therefore we have no control over the operation, security, or fees associated with parking for this event.


1. Pay lot in front of Haunted House. Has limited security.


2. Free parking located UNDER I-10 River Bridge.  No security, park at your own risk.


3. Belle Casino Parking Garage (located directly behind The 13th Gate). Depending on other area events, there could be a fee to park in the garage. Also has limited security.


Please do not park in the Pasttimes Parking lot.