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"One of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions"

The Travel Channel


"Ranked #1 Top 13 Haunted Houses Across America" (2009)

AOL Cityguide


 "13th Gate haunted house is rated once again as the best haunted house in America two years running..." (2009)


 "The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge is America's Scariest Haunted House!" (2010)



 "Ranked #3 in the Top 20 Hometown Haunted Houses in America!" (2009)

Fangoria Magazine


 "Everything you have heard is true. The place looks spectacular. The attention to detail and realistic set design will blow you away."

Haunted Attraction Magazine


This haunt has it all. Not many haunted houses in America have the level of detail, set design, incredible Hollywood makeup artists, special effects, all rolled up into one big massive scream factory!

Hauntworld Magazine


"After our visit, all I could say was WOW!"

13th Hour Magazine


"Some of the areas rivaled major theme parks in quality. Yes, they werethat good"

Game Vortex


"Without a doubt, The 13th Gate is the best haunted attraction that I have ever been to bar none."

Inelegant Solutions


"The creepy atmospherics are top notch, and the scare-actors dressed up as zombies, monsters, and psychos are completely dedicated to their craft of making you scream out loud."